3 Great Note-Takers on Reading

Wondering how the best note-takers write down their Somethings as they read?

There are several blogs out there like Something, Not Summary written by avid readers who want to share what they’ve learned.

Each author has a different take on what’s most important to consider when reading. They also have different reasons for wanting to take notes on what they read.

Below are 3 different perspectives from Bill Gates, Derek Sivers, and Nate Liason. Each of these people are incredible in their own right and have fantastic opinions to share on both reading and note-taking!

Nate Liason writes, “I’ve collected notes from over 250 books since then, and I use them almost every day to influence my writing, business decisions, podcast episodes, or thinking through various problems in my life.”

He was influenced by Derek Sivers to start writing notes.

Sivers writes, “I hate to waste a single hour. I feel the precious value of time, most of the time. I imagine my time as worth $500 an hour, and ask myself what’s worth $500.”

For him, writing is a form of learning and creating – and that’s worth the time that he spends on it.

Bill Gates is much more famous for his work with Microsoft than for his reading notes. But his ongoing dedication to learning and growing even after achieving money and success proves how valuable reading can be.

For Gates, he finds value in reading notes because they allow him to connect with others. “I feel very lucky to get to connect with so many extraordinary people. Whenever I have the chance, I set aside a few minutes to share what I’m learning here on the Gates Notes. Thanks for reading.”

Whether it’s having a personal guidebook, using time wisely, or connecting with others, there’s a plethora of different ways to find value in books.

What’s your favorite part about reading and taking notes to share ideas with others?

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