Finding Lessons in Literature

Have you ever considered the number of benefits that literature has in our lives? Although most of this blog covers nonfiction books, I want to shift gears today and discuss the benefits of fiction literature.

Many people, particularly those who are in fields that don’t involve literature directly, often assume that fiction books don’t have any benefits.

Fortunately, literature does have a number of lessons to teach us. Each story has a unique something in it if you search for it.

Bookin Profits is a fantastic blog where you can read more about literature. It’s written by Montgomery Drumm who comes from a finance background and brings a unique perspective to literature.

He discusses “uncovering more about the human experience and the hidden truths of the world.” There are so many interesting ideas about philosophy, business, theology, and psychology embedded into fiction books. While nonfiction discusses these ideas explicitly, fiction books approach them more implicitly through pursuing a narrative.

If you check out his blog, you can read his ideas about numerous fiction books. He’s read a variety of different stories and has great lessons to share from each of them!

Drumm has posts on classics such as Moby Dick and Pride and Prejudice, picking out important somethings from each.

One of my favorite posts on Bookin Profits, though, is this collection of influential authors in American Literature.

He includes both Maya Angelou and Edgar Allen Poe on the list. Both of these poets have fantastic poetry in addition to literature.

Poetry is unique because you have to decode the lessons that the author has built into their words. There are many different somethings to find.

I hope you’ll check out Bookin Profits if you want to learn more about literature! What’s your favorite fiction book, and what did you learn from it?

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