10 of the Best Nonfiction Authors

If you’re a college student looking to broaden your reading horizons, there are several great nonfiction authors out there.

My favorite non-fiction genres to read include psychology, marketing, and business. The ten non-fiction authors below each have at least 2-3 fantastic books on these topics. Each of them have their own unique ideas and somethings to write on!


1) Seth Godin

I’ve mentioned Godin’s work previously on this blog, but he deserves a second mention because of his extensive writing on marketing. In addition to writing about marketing, he has also written about creativity, leadership, and the education system.

2) Brene Brown

Brene Brown is an expert on vulnerability and understanding human emotion. She discusses weighty emotions like shame, but she does so in a clear and helpful way. It is easy to implement the psychology that she discusses to improve in any area of your life.

3) Malcolm Gladwell

Gladwell is another person who has been mentioned on this blog before because of his informative podcast Revisionist History. He is a storyteller at heart, and his journalistic background makes him a fantastic nonfiction author. All of his books are memorable because of the unique way that he explores ideas and questions the status quo.

4) Napoleon Hill

Hill is an older author than many of the others on this list, but his content has stood the test of time. He writes about the pursuit of knowledge and self-awareness. All of his books will challenge both your perception of yourself and of the world at large.

5) Mark Manson

Mark Manson is possible one of the most down-to-earth authors I’ve ever read. He discusses basic psychology that we should all theoretically know but often don’t act on in the way that we should. His books (and blog!) explain things in crystal-clear language, making it easy to understand and implement. (Warning: Manson is graphic in terms of language and content).

6) Gretchen Rubin

Rubin is a psychology expert who provides helpful ways to characterize your own tendencies and the personalities of others. She also writes extensively on productivity and happiness.

7) Ryan Holiday

With extensive writings on business, psychology, and the intersection of both, Holiday is a great non-fiction author. He flips certain ideas like obstacles or ego upside down and makes it easy for readers to change their lifestyle for the better.

8) Simon Sinek

Sinek has several books on purpose and leadership that are applicable no matter what field you’re in. His knowledge and insight prompt readers to deeply consider what they hope to achieve and how they want to do so.

9) Shawn Achor

Achor’s books all focus on the idea of happiness (something that most of us probably always want more of). He analyzes all facets of happiness and encourages readers to reconsider and reframe their conceptions.

10) Robert Cialdini

Cialdini is hailed as a psychology expert because of his writings on social psychology, particularly the process of persuasion. He is fantastic at explaining complex ideas. His work helps readers in all fields to better interact with others and allow their ideas to be heard.


Each of these nonfiction authors is talented in their own way. Who is your favorite?

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